Malayalam Keyboard for Android™

Malayalam Keyboard for Android™ is a simple an fast Malayalam IME for android devices. By setting the default input method in your Android device,this tool can be used in any application for typing Malayalam. This soft keyboard also includes keys for inputting English characters, numbers, symbols etc.

Main features:
1) A unique layout with 31 keys for typing Malayalam. Easy to learn layout - Malayalam letter keys are arranged in alphabetical order.
2) Also includes qwerty and number-symbol keypad.
3) Malayalam character keys are arranged in alphabetical order.
4) Suitable for small and large displays with any resolution in portrait or in landscape mode.
5) Easily input koottaksharam with single tap using the scrollable koottaksharam list shown above the keyboard.
6) Word prediction feature(List should be manually created during typing-feature no.5 will disabled if it enabled).
7) Can also be used in devices with android version which did not support proper Malayalam rendering, for sending Unicode Malayalam text via sms or email.
1) Key in light blue colour(Second last row) are for selection only (Eg: light blue key 'അ' is for selecting അ to ഐ - will displayed in  third row of keypad- light blue ക for displaying ക to ഞ in third row and so on)
2) Use 'ABC' key to launch the qwerty keypad.
3) Use '123' key to get the number and symbol keys.
4) For setting Malayalam Keyboard for Android as your default keyboard- Open Settings-> Language and input ->Select Malayalam Keyboard for Android as your default keyboard.
5) For adding new word(maximum character limit 50) to prediction database just tap on the specified word(first word in the list) displayed above the keypad.
6) Use the keyboard key(bottom left) to close the keypad or Long press on it to change default input method.
Enter characters in Unicode encoding format.
1)For writing കോ [ko] use this order  ക +ോ , for writing കൈ= ക+ൈ
2)For writing koottaksharam use chandrakkala for joining characters. Eg : ക്ഷ = ക+്+ഷ
3)While using 'ra' symbol (eg: പ്ര (pra) ) use it after typing the letter for correct rendering.

Visit Google Play™ for installation